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A complete view of executive strengths and potential

Our comprehensive approach to executive assessment employs multiple methods to provide science-based, data-driven insights about an individual’s ability to perform, fit and make an enduring impact in a critical leadership role. We integrate an array of proprietary, executive-specific tools to provide rich, comprehensive and powerful insight about individual leaders, reducing the risk of key leadership decisions and increasing predictive validity. Our teams of industry experts and dedicated assessment specialists have proven experience in distinguishing between good and great.

In particular clients turn to us to help them with:

Finalist Selection

We offer a comprehensive assessment providing in-depth data and insights to inform selection decisions for senior leadership roles, primarily the CEO, CFO or other “CxO” positions. The finalist assessment provides a complete picture of candidates’ relevant business and functional expertise, marketplace and industry knowledge, leadership abilities, character and motivation, cultural fit and capacity to grow and change with the job. We provide insight into how candidates are likely to behave, make decisions and operate in the role, and identify potential risks or derailers that can have implications for long-term success in the context of the organization, culture and market, increasing confidence in selection decisions.

Executive Assessment for Development

We assess individual leaders and executive teams to provide the insight organizations need to accelerate coaching and development programs that maximize individual executive performance, optimize leadership effectiveness and build the next generation of leaders and their teams. Our development-focused assessments provide objective, actionable information about individuals to identify leadership potential in succession candidates; inform strategies to build and sustain the talent pipeline for key roles; optimize team effectiveness and develop onboarding plans for new executives.

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Our assessments focus on what’s “above and below the surface”

Our multimethod assessment methodology provides in-depth insight into a leader’s expertise, capabilities, underlying potential and motivations, including:

Leadership Model

Career: Career experiences and expertise are the most visible and accessible way to evaluate whether an individual can perform in a given role.

Capability: Capabilities are strong predictors of future performance. They describe “how” a leader gets results and are more portable across roles and contexts.

Capacity: Capacity is an indicator of potential. It predicts how far and fast a person can adapt and grow, a critical dimension for success in complex roles or ambiguous situations.

Character: The deeply held preferences, motivations and personal styles that determine “why” people do what they do.

Compatibility: How well the leader’s attributes align with the context of the organization and the desired outcomes.

Our executive assessment approach is powered by our proprietary tools.

Executive Intelligence - The only proven measure of performance potential.

Cultural Alignment Framework - A uniquely powerful tool for aligning strategy and culture.

Leadership Capability Framework - A benchmark of the six capabilities essential to executive performance.