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Executive Assessment

A complete view of executive strengths and potential

Our comprehensive approach to executive assessment employs multiple methods to evaluate an individual’s ability to perform, fit and make an enduring impact in a critical leadership role. In particular clients turn to us to help them with:

Finalist Selection

We offer a comprehensive assessment providing in-depth data and insights to inform selection decisions for senior leadership roles, primarily the CEO, CFO or other “CxO” positions. The finalist assessment provides a complete picture of candidates’ relevant business and functional expertise, marketplace and industry knowledge, leadership abilities, character and motivation, cultural fit and capacity to grow and change with the job. We provide insight into how candidates are likely to behave, make decisions and operate in the role, and identify potential risks or derailers that can have implications for long-term success in the context of the organization, culture and market, increasing confidence in selection decisions.

Executive Assessment for Development

We assess individual leaders and executive teams to provide the insight organizations need to make the smartest investments when developing next-generation leaders for key roles. In addition to conducting smaller tailored assessments for individuals or leadership teams, we offer broader programs to assess the top layers of management. Our development-focused assessments provide objective, actionable information about individuals in order to identify leadership potential in succession candidates; inform strategies to build and sustain the talent pipeline for key roles; gain insights on roles, industries and culture impact; optimize team effectiveness and develop onboarding plans for new executives.

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Applying the best approach based on the unique business needs, seniority of the executive and depth of insight required, our assessment experts help organizations distinguish the exceptional executives from the good. We evaluate what executives have done in past roles and what they can do in the future, based on what the business actually needs. We provide executives with a core set of actionable, high-impact development priorities that can realistically be addressed.

  • Leadership Context: The near-term and long-term external issues to which a leader and an organization must respond.
  • Current and Potential Capability. The knowledge, skills and deeper characteristics that make up the overall competence of a leader relative to a role. Our Executive Intelligence (ExI®) evaluation provides an additional, forward-looking lens on executive performance, identifying the underlying leadership characteristics and ability to adapt to future business requirements.
  • Character and Interpersonal Style: The kind of person the leader is; the nature of the person, his or her emotional drives, values, and leadership style and how it aligns with an organization’s culture.
  • Leadership Outcomes. An executive’s past behaviors, leadership style and impact on the business.

Our executive assessment approach is powered by our proprietary tools.

Executive Intelligence - The only proven measure of performance potential.

Cultural Alignment Framework - A uniquely powerful tool for aligning strategy and culture.

Leadership Capability Framework - A benchmark of the six capabilities essential to executive performance.