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Boardroom Best Practice

July 2017

What makes an effective board? Best practices from Spencer Stuart, based on extensive board advisory and director recruitment work with many of Europe’s leading listed companies.


Recent Articles & Studies

  • Switzerland Board Index 2017

    The Switzerland Board Index 2017 focuses on the 20 companies that comprise the Swiss Market Index (SMI), providing an overview of governance issues.
  • Partner Recruitment in Professional Services Firms: Five steps for success

    The process for hiring partners into professional services firms is strewn with difficulties. This article describes how to ensure a positive outcome.
  • France Board Index 2017

    France Board Index 2017

    La 22ème édition du Board Index présente une photographie complète de la gouvernance des sociétés du CAC 40 à la fin du premier semestre 2017.
  • Russia Board Index 2017

    The 2017 Russia Board Index provides a snapshot of current governance practice on the boards of 43 top companies listed on the Russian Trading System Index.
  • Chile Board Index 2016

    This inaugural issue of the Chile Board Index provides a comprehensive review of board practices of all companies listed in the IGPA index of the Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago, the Stock Exchange from Chile.
  • Spain Board Index 2017

    21ª edición del Indice Spencer Stuart de Consejos de Administración donde se analiza el funcionamiento composición y retribución de los Consejos de Administración de las 100 primeras compañías cotizadas en España.
  • CHRO at the Center

    The skill and sophistication of the CHRO can have a disproportionate impact on the success of CEO succession planning. We offer five recommendations for CHROs for managing an effective process and balancing their responsibilities to the board and CEO.
  • How Boards Can Overcome the Most Common Succession Planning Obstacles

    We examine the most common challenges boards face in CEO succession planning and consider ways boards can overcome these obstacles to establish a rigorous and effective succession planning approach.
  • CEO Succession Planning: The CEO's Critical Role

    CEOs have a critical contribution to make in an effective CEO succession planning process, but many questions. We offer some guidance to help CEOs contribute effectively.