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Going Deeper: Why the Future of Leadership is Beneath the Surface

March 2022

The most effective leaders will create the conditions for their organization to respond agilely to change by drawing on the human elements of leadership.


Board Governance

Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership Development

Drawing on conversations with more than a dozen CPG leaders globally, we highlight key considerations for boards, culture and leadership capabilities to address climate change.

Recent Articles & Studies

  • The Power of Purpose in Serving Stakeholders

    A key priority for rebuilding for a strong, sustainable future, say retail CEOs, is articulating a clear and consistent purpose that serves all stakeholders.

  • CIO Selection in Financial Services

    May 2022

    Bases on an analysis of the backgrounds of CIOs of Fortune 100 financial services companies, we highlight trends in CIO profiles and their implications for organizations embarking on a CIO selection process.

  • Biodiversity and business

    June 2022

    Biodiversity is a foundation on which our societies have been built. Two experts in the field discuss why biodiversity has become a critical issue leaders.

  • 2021 CEO Transitions

    June 2022

    Each year, Spencer Stuart tracks CEO transitions among S&P 500 companies to provide a snapshot view of changes at the top of American business.

  • Soft skills are needed to tackle hard choices

    May 2022

    Today’s retail leaders can succeed by hiring and developing the right people, adopting a constructive approach to all their stakeholders, and fostering a culture of innovation.

  • Under Pressure

    April 2022

    We review the experience and backgrounds of 200 asset management CEOs and consider the skills and capabilities that will be needed in the next generation of leaders.

  • Confronting the Model Minority Myth

    May 2022

    As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we speak with leaders about the impact the “model minority myth” has on Asian executives.

  • 2021 Canada Spencer Stuart Board Index

    Now in its 26th year, the Canada Spencer Stuart Board Index (“CSSBI”) provides benchmarks and insights into the governance practices of a representative sample of 100 of Canada’s largest publicly traded companies, with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion.

  • The board’s role in sustainability: A view from Denmark

    June 2022

    Boards need to offer wise guidance and constructive support to management and stay committed to the long-term sustainability of the business.

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