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Point of View 2015

January 2015

This issue of Point of View explores the influence of healthy, aligned culture and a strong senior leadership team in the performance of the business.

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  • Unlocking Merger Value

    Why don’t mergers achieve their full potential? Flawed leadership selection, cultural tensions and conflict among the top team are the main reasons. There is a better approach. 
  • Cybersecurity: The Board's Role

    The board’s role in overseeing cybersecurity risk and key questions directors should be asking.
  • Identifying Cross-Cultural Agility in Senior Executives

    Based on data from our extensive work with globally expanding organizations and discussions with numerous global executives, Part 1 of this series explores five signs leaders will likely succeed in cross-border assignments.
  • A Conversation with Sergio Rial

    Banco Santander Brasil Chairman Sergio Rial discusses the responsibilities of today's leaders and his own experiences as a CEO and board director.

  • Quarterly CEO Transitions Research

    2015 Q2 S&P 500 CEO Transitions

    An analysis and summary of CEO transitions in S&P 500 companies during the second quarter of 2015.

  • A Roadmap for Long-Term Cross-Cultural Success

    Part 2 of this series examines how organizations and executives themselves can ensure long-term success in their cross-border roles and beyond.