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CEOs and boards across industries are prioritizing wholesale business transformation to leverage technology to remake business models, expand their market reach, better understand customer aspirations and more effectively use data to align interest with opportunity.

But transformation initiatives too often fail to deliver their intended value in the face of challenges such as an entrenched culture, lack of trust among the top team or the inability of digital leaders to influence change. A McKinsey survey found that only 16 percent of respondents felt digital transformation efforts improved their organization’s performance and prepared them to respond to long-term changes.

Technology-driven transformation requires much more than a sound strategy and a smart digital hire. It starts with leadership: Only an integrated, holistic leadership approach that addresses talent, team alignment and effectiveness, culture and organizational structure as a system will drive real change.

We work with clients wherever they are in their digital maturity, across industries and business types, whether the need stems from the arrival of a new CEO, transformation challenges or the desire to integrate a standalone digital team into the broader organization. We ask questions to diagnose where the organization is in its transformation and the issues impeding progress.

Depending on the specific challenges, we can support clients’ digital transformation by:

  • Identifying, selecting and developing the digital, business and functional leaders with the technical expertise, leadership skills and mindset to forge cross-functional connection and alignment
  • Coaching digital and other leaders to increase their effectiveness and influence in managing change
  • Aligning the top team on the digital agenda and enhancing its effectiveness by addressing the key areas of team performance, including team trust and dynamics
  • Evolving culture to enable digital change and adoption, addressing the facets of culture that hinder change and helping develop new norms around risk-taking, continuous learning and experimentation
  • Advising on the organizational structures and digital operating models that align with the business strategy
  • Helping to raise the digital acumen of the board

We are committed to your success.

Drawing on our work with both technology disruptors and the disrupted, we bring a perspective about the leadership attributes, team dynamics and cultural traits that support transformation. We have published more than 80 thought leadership pieces about digital transformation.
Each year, we conduct more than 250 assignments for private and public companies and private equity portfolio companies for businesses looking to leverage a range of technologies — from augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud, drones, edge computing, ecosystems, IoT, robotics and RPA, and digital health technologies — to support their business strategy.
When digital expertise is required at the board level, we help boards define the specific need and find experts with the relevant experience to translate digital technologies into the broader strategy.