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Executive Intelligence — the only proven measure of performance potential

The ability to distinguish which leaders have the capacity to thrive in new, unfamiliar and complex situations is a powerful advantage when faced with high-stakes leadership decisions.

Our Executive Intelligence (ExI®) evaluation measures three dimensions of intelligence that predict performance potential, including an executive’s ability to respond to and effectively lead change. Results are benchmarked against a global database of thousands of the world’s most senior executives collected over the past 10-plus years. The ExI evaluation provides unique developmental insights and reduces risks associated with leadership decisions by:

  • Distinguishing among top leaders: successful CEOs score higher
  • Pinpointing C-level potential: C-level executives who score higher get promoted faster
  • Revealing “hidden gem” executives

Executive Intelligence Evaluation
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ExI Overall

Critical & conceptual thinking

Interpersonal & social awareness

Self-evaluation & adjustment

The three dimensions of Executive Intelligence are critical & conceptual thinking, interpersonal & social awareness, and self-evaluation & adjustment.