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The Power of Team

The new issue of Point of View explores the factors that influence the performance of the top leadership team — and the business.


Data and Analytics in Financial Services

More financial services companies are using data and analytics to advance their businesses--with major implications for leadership.


The Digital Journey

How consumer companies are addressing their leadership needs amid changing digital priorities across all sectors, including:

Spencer Stuart

#CMOSummit takeaways: David Roman of @lenovo on how #innovation is crucial to #marketing and understanding customers about 9 hours ago

#CMOSummit takeaways: @cforman of @appia on what how the best marketers are thinking about their roles 1 day ago

What is a high-performing team?

A look at the qualities that characterize effective top leadership teams, and the common causes of dysfunction.

Unlocking digital potential

Hiring top digital talent is not enough. Companies must think broadly to undergo a successful digital transformation.