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Navigating through financial distress creates a uniquely tense and challenging period for any organization. A complex web of stakeholders — from creditors (usually numerous, oftentimes unintentionally compelled to own the company contrary to their original objectives) to investment bankers, financial advisors, lawyers and other interested parties — is forced to navigate the difficult decisions that come with distress and bankruptcy, all while the company’s very survival hangs in the balance. While financial capital is often the core focus for the company’s new owners, the loss of human capital is just as acute.

During periods of financial distress, leadership is more critical than ever. Guiding a company through a financial reorganization (whether in bankruptcy or out-of-court) and ensuring its resurgence thereafter requires leaders who can diagnose the critical problems, identify feasible solutions and implement a plan — and do it all as quickly as possible. They need to be business leaders, turnaround experts and first-class communicators who can work with the many stakeholders to navigate a successful path forward.

Spencer Stuart’s restructuring experts know and understand the specific skills and leadership capabilities that leaders need to guide a company from present-day distress to future growth. We understand that restructuring is not just an acute challenge — starting with the numerous constituencies, sometimes with conflicting goals and desires — but also a unique and important opportunity for the new owners to reinvent the company rapidly and create value.

At Spencer Stuart, we marry these restructuring experts who understand how to work with all stakeholders along with our Firm’s leading industry and functional consultants. Together we help clients find the right leaders — board directors, CEOs, CFOs, and other top executives — to lead through crisis and set up their companies for a new era of lasting success.

Our expertise

We are committed to your success.

Our experts understand that no two restructuring situations are the same. We work closely with all stakeholders – companies and their creditors – to ensure the best team is in place for their organizations’ specific needs.
In dozens of assignments for distressed companies over past the three years, we have led searches for board members — including, in some cases, a new full board — CEOs, CFOs and other C-suite leaders.
Our consultants approach every engagement with both comprehensive knowledge of industry and functional leadership as well as deep expertise in what kinds of leaders wstressed and distressed companies need – not only to survive, but also to thrive.