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Advances in biological and medical research continue to expand the frontiers of healthcare, blurring divisions that once separated pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, and healthcare systems and insurers. In addition, the rapid acceleration and growing importance of digital health, shifting market dynamics and changing patient behaviors are increasing the need for healthcare companies to be more innovative. Experienced leaders who can drive new operational efficiencies amid pricing pressure and soaring R&D costs — while also articulating a strong vision and purpose — are more in demand than ever.

A Digital Health Revolution

Innovative leaders are driving the digital transformation of healthcare. As healthcare grows more consumer-centric, innovation — not just technology — is driving the ultimate opportunity for convergence. Multichannel connectivity with the patient (i.e., internet of things) is opening new lines of communication for sustained consumer engagement.

The transformation to patient-centric healthcare has arrived, with consumers literally and figuratively taking their health into their own hands. Digital health has ushered in a growing wealth of online information patients can easily access 24/7 from their smart phones, tablets and laptops, along with wearable devices.

As consumers become more informed and emboldened by digital, innovative healthcare solutions, companies are beginning to recognize that care should be focused on the patient, not the business.

Consultants in our global Healthcare Practice understand the trends that are reshaping the industry and can help you identify and develop the right leadership talent to increase the success of your organization.

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Your leadership and organizational success are our focus.

Many of the world’s preeminent healthcare organizations partner with us to build their leadership teams. In the past three years alone, we helped conduct more than 2,000 board and senior-level executive assignments around the world. Because of our ability to deliver positive outcomes for organizations, more than two-thirds of our business comes from returning clients.
Clients turn to us for our deep knowledge of — and insight into — the healthcare talent pool and work. We are committed to advancing DE&I in leadership and work to attract the most qualified senior executive talent of all genders, nationalities, racial and ethnic origins, and the LGTBQA+ spectrum.
Our reach and knowledge spans geographies, healthcare disciplines and beyond. Clients work with us to identify talent in emerging areas that will help them respond to changing industry dynamics and solve some of their most important leadership issues, including enhancing top team effectiveness, advancing digital transformation efforts, developing senior leaders and evolving cultures that support business objectives.