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Addressing the world’s major societal and environmental challenges requires urgent action from all businesses.

How companies are led, governed and act will determine the pace of progress on everything from climate change to inequality.

At Spencer Stuart, our ambition is to support business leaders to respond successfully to the most significant of these issues, as doing so is critical to their long-term success.

Many companies have been working on these challenges for years, others are only just starting. They are complex and intertwined, but the direction of travel is clear: these issues must be on every board agenda, and every leader must act if they are to meet the increasing expectations of their investors, employees, regulators and wider society.

Innovation and new ways of thinking are essential to the transformation many businesses will need to undergo. This makes the ideas and imagination of the people within these companies critical.

And in our experience, the right leaders can multiply their business’s impact on these issues by setting a clear direction, developing an enabling culture and creating the conditions for their teams to thrive when it matters most.

So, at Spencer Stuart, we draw on our unique insights to help boards and executive teams to catalyze the change needed. Our global and cross-sector expertise allows us to understand the pressing and emerging issues, identify the character and capabilities leaders will require and find the people with the right attributes to deliver progress. We then stay alongside those individuals to help them maximize their impact, while preparing boards to navigate the conflicts inherent in this changing landscape.

Our belief is that leaders can create the change needed to address the biggest societal and environmental challenges. This is why our purpose is to discover and develop leadership for a better future. And, while we’re taking action in our own business to be part of the solution, we know it is through our work supporting thousands of clients around the world that we can make the greatest impact.

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How we help business leaders

Discovering leaders who can make an impact

We help our clients discover CEOs and function leaders who understand how to embody sustainable leadership. We also identify board directors who bring technical expertise and lived experience to the boardroom.

Developing leaders to help them maximize their impact

We work with leaders and their teams to maximize their impact, especially at pivotal moments such as leadership transitions, a merger or acquisition, IPO or business transformation. We partner with boards to assess and unlock its performance, defining its role and success in overseeing the impact and sustainability of an entire organization.