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An organization’s ability to place the right leader at the top has never been more important to its performance and sustainability. The risks for CEO succession are increasing as expectations for CEOs grow and businesses operate in highly dynamic conditions. Best-in-class CEO succession planning needs to evolve to reflect these realities — planning for more possible future scenarios and more internal options.

As expert advisers on leadership, CEO development and selection, and the best CEO succession practices, Spencer Stuart is uniquely qualified to assist boards with the important and complex task of CEO succession planning. We provide advice, counsel and coaching for long-term succession planning and executive development, medium-term orderly CEO succession, CEO search and onboarding support so new CEOs can accelerate their performance in the role.

We are committed to your success.

Our consultants have years of senior-level search experience, a thorough understanding of governance and board best practices and valuable insight about the top executive talent across industries.
We have conducted nearly 700 CEO search and succession assignments worldwide in the past three years, facilitating a rigorous, board-centered process to help clients evaluate and develop potential options for long-term and short-term succession needs.
We offer a proprietary approach to executive assessment that not only evaluates internal candidates' performance and relevant experience in current and past roles, but also the skills that speak to their ability to succeed in more complex and demanding contexts, including their analytical capabilities, social intelligence and self-awareness.