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Our Senior Advisors

  • Willi Schoppen
    Willi Schoppen

    Dr. Willi Schoppen is a member of Spencer Stuart's global Board Practice and leads this practice in Germany. He specialises in conducting board searches and assessments and advising on corporate governance issues.

  • Wolfgang Zillessen
    Wolfgang Zillessen

    Dr. Wolfgang Zillessen is senior advisor based in our Frankfurt office. He concentrates on searches and management assessments for clients in the industrial sector with emphasis in chemicals, commodities, paper & packaging.

Our Senior Associates

  • Jutta Auner
    Jutta Auner
  • Christian Balzarek
    Christian Balzarek
  • Katja Bartsch
    Katja Bartsch
  • Janina Boyers
    Janina Boyers
  • Melike Gahn
    Melike Gahn
  • Marie Gürtler
    Marie Gürtler
  • Dennis Hartmann
    Dennis Hartmann
  • Angela Lindner
    Angela Lindner
  • Christine Perner
    Christine Perner
  • Stephanie Schanz
    Stephanie Schanz
  • Felix Spormann
    Felix Spormann
  • Juliane Wedler
    Juliane Wedler

Our Extended Team

  • Yanli Chen
  • Carolin Gebauer
  • Anna Gommers
  • Michael Jacobi
  • Konstantin Kammler
  • Leonie Ries