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Point of View

Our flagship publication showcases our perspectives on leadership, the concerns of boards and senior management and the challenges of governance.

Point of View 2019

In this issue of Point of View, we look at how organizations can foster more effective top teams, make more informed leadership selection decisions, improve gender diversity and enhance the odds of merger success.

Point of View 2018

The unprecedented volatility, complexity and pace in which businesses operate today shine a spotlight on all sorts of people and culture issues — and the role they play in business performance. In this issue, we look at how to better manage them.

Point of View 2017

This issue looks at a range of critical business issues and highlights ideas for improving the performance of senior leaders, teams and organizations.

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POV Audiocasts

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Point of View 2016

Explore the nature of learning in a business context and discover what Spencer Stuart and others have learned from experience — in digital transformation, leadership development, board governance and more.