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Senior Advisers

  • Ger Scholtens
    Ger Scholtens
    Ger, a senior adviser for Spencer Stuart, is recognized for his expertise in financial services and his work helping organizations align their leadership talent with business strategy.

Our Senior Associates

  • Anne Merel Brink
    Anne Merel Brink
  • Thomas De Schryver
    Thomas De Schryver
  • Yael Elsen
    Yael Elsen
  • Shireen Gonlag
    Shireen Gonlag
  • Sandor Koster
    Sandor Koster
  • Dominique Smit
    Dominique Smit
  • Pam ten Doesschate
    Pam ten Doesschate
  • Hermine van Zadelhoff
    Hermine van Zadelhoff

Our Extended Team

  • Eva Almeloo
  • Laura Ancinez
  • India Boerma
  • Mels de Waard
  • Nadine Houben
  • Suzanne Kemp
  • Rachael Read
  • Laura van Mil
  • Roeland van Noort