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Product leaders are some of the most sought-after talent in the market, driven by the fact that a great product leader can change the course of a company. Companies across industries are employing product strategies to drive innovation, differentiation and growth. But without the right product leadership, culture and organizational structure, organizations are unlikely to achieve their desired outcomes.

Whether they are establishing a new product function or transforming an existing function, leading brands across industries and around the world trust us to bring a holistic understanding of the leadership, cultural and organizational imperatives for building a product management function that drives tangible value. We advise clients on the selection, development and hiring of product leaders, and help organizations think through organizational design, optimize team effectiveness and evolve their organizational cultures.

We work with clients to diagnose the kind of product leadership expertise is needed, and tap our deep knowledge of this highly sought-after talent pool to help clients find leaders with the technical expertise, leadership skills and mindset to forge cross-functional connection and alignment, including:

  • Chief Product Officers
  • General Managers
  • CEOs or COOs with product backgrounds
  • Board directors with product expertise to help boards raise their digital acumen
  • Other senior product leaders, including vice presidents and senior vice presidents

We are committed to helping our clients find game-changing product leaders.

Our client work spans industry-leading enterprise technology, consumer, services, fintech and healthcare companies, across cloud, SaaS/PaaS, security, IT, IoT, unified communications, e-commerce, marketplaces and data/analytics products. We work with companies across different stages of growth and scale, including multinationals, medium-sized firms, startups and private equity-backed companies.

We are committed to helping our clients increase the diversity of their leadership teams and boards. We invest in getting to know diverse talent and have a strong track record of recruiting diverse leaders.

Our rigorous, multimethod assessment process provides multiple perspectives on an individual’s past experience, future potential and fit within an organization given the strategy and context, reducing bias, minimizing risk and increasing predictive validity. We also help clients assess and improve the alignment of culture and strategy.