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Machine intelligence is on a trajectory to reshape the nature of human work, change the way companies develop and go to market with new products and services, and alter how we design organizations and think about leadership, governance and value creation. As ownership of data as a strategic asset and data science as a strategic capability have become more critical priorities, Spencer Stuart has been on the leading edge of helping organizations plan for and hire the best talent in this domain.

Leading research finds that when companies fail to realize the potential of advanced data science, it is most often because they lack influential leadership and organizational culture alignment. Spencer Stuart’s team specializing in data, analytics and machine intelligence works with leading brands across industries and around the world to help bridge these gaps and drive tangible value for our clients.

In addition to chief data officers, we work with clients to recruit leaders with other critical digital capabilities, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data & Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Science
  • Internet of Everything

Our advisory work spans the largest global brands making billion-dollar investments to mid-size and pre-IPO growth-stage companies. We regularly advise private equity firms looking for data scientists to support general partner decision-making and operating advisers for portfolio companies. We also help boards raise their digital acumen by recruiting board directors with data and analytics expertise.

We are committed to your success.

Our consultants have been working with organizations around the world since the emergence of big data and analytics and have long-term relationships with the top leaders in this space. We have helped organizations find chief data officers and senior leaders in data science, analytics and data management.
We know that the rise of data and analytics affects each industry differently. In addition to our deep expertise in technical roles, our global team brings extensive experience in the sectors most affected by this shift, including financial services, retail, hospitality and leisure, healthcare and life sciences.
We work with organizations of every size and at every stage of the digital spectrum, from mature enterprises in the early stages of digital transformation to technology-focused startups.