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Professional services firms work with C-suite executives and senior leadership teams to develop a vision, grow and improve overall business performance. Consulting firms operate across the business lifecycle to help clients with a wide span of issues, including corporate strategy, IT strategy, M&A, operations, digital transformation, business model transformation, restructuring and human capital.

Our team understands the unique talent needs for each offering and type of consulting service. We partner with strategy consulting, management consulting, restructuring advisory, M&A advisory and human capital advisory firms to help them acquire senior-level talent to address their changing needs.

The rapid evolution of the consulting industry has created a need for agile, multidimensional organizations. Firms seek collaborative leaders who are comfortable reinventing themselves in the face of change. Some of the industry's most pressing trends include:

  • AI and other emerging technologies changing their clients’ operating models
  • Management consulting firms engaged in leading complex, end-to-end transformations, rather than offering a single service
  • Strategy consulting firms expanding their scope to lead the execution and implementation process, requiring firms to supplement their strategic prowess with operational savvy
  • DE&I and ESG becoming business goals that drive revenue growth and profitability
  • The consulting industry shifting from a pure service to a service-and-asset-based model, with firms building their own tools to increase the firm’s value and bolster their consulting services

Our grasp of the trends shaping the consulting industry helps us identify and develop talent that aligns with our clients’ leadership agendas and goals. Our team combines a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, including direct strategy and management consulting experience. These experiences give Spencer Stuart unparalleled institutional knowledge on the industry, which helps us shape effective boards, place practice leaders, execute team builds, recruit ready-made teams, assess leadership teams and create leadership succession plans. We are most successful when we develop long-term relationships with clients, collaborating across their talent agenda to build high-performing teams. This shows itself through our distinctive work recruiting multiple partners to accelerate the growth of an emerging practice area. Internally, we collaborate across geographies and source our industry, CEO and boards colleagues for the best talent.