Today's leading financial institutions understand the convergence and ever-increasing complexity of risk-related disciplines. Recent changes in the financial landscape have caused credit, market, liquidity and operational risk to take center stage. At the same time, growing governmental oversight has stretched internal resources and initiated profound changes in fundamental business models. Mastering the interconnectedness between various risk disciplines and harmonizing them with regulatory optimization, compliance, and IT-enabled infrastructure will be a hallmark of successful companies in the years ahead.

At Spencer Stuart, we have seen new pressures brought to bear on financial institutions of all types, including lending institutions, universal banks, broker dealers, insurance companies, private equity sponsors and asset managers. In consultation with clients, we assemble teams of experts from each field of risk and operational management to help clients achieve inter-disciplinary excellence across their organizations. 

We help build executive teams across the most critical areas of risk and related disciplines, including:
  • Credit, market & operational risk management
  • Liquidity management
  • Capital optimization
  • Model risk & validation
  • Audit
  • Analytics
  • Data management
  • Legal and regulatory, including Basel III standards
  • Compliance
  • Information technology

Our consultants meet regularly with clients to share insights into best practices across the financial services industry and to identify talent at the cutting edge of risk-related solutions. We draw upon nearly two decades of direct experience in risk management and our familiarity with the ramifications of changes in finance, legal and policymaking to help organizations grow and compete effectively in a complex and rapidly changing landscape