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Who We Are

We've built a reputation for delivering real impact for our clients.

Trusted by the world's leading organizations.

Spencer Stuart has 65 years’ experience in leadership consulting. Over the decades, as stakeholder expectations of leadership have evolved, we've built a reputation for delivering meaningful impact for our clients — from the world’s largest companies to entrepreneurial startups to nonprofit organizations.

Our values: Relationships, collaboration and discretion

Leadership decisions are critical to get right, yet are deeply personal for those involved. Because these decisions affect the performance and reputations of organizations, the well-being and careers of employees and the expectations of their broader stakeholders, we handle our relationships with clients, candidates and colleagues with great care, offering advice with courage and candor, and living our commitment to discretion each day.

We focus on developing and nurturing deep, long-term relationships with clients and candidates because strong relationships lead to the best ideas, more diverse and informed options, and broad access to the most talented leaders. We make it our business to know top executives extremely well: where their unique capabilities lie, what motivates them, how their careers have unfolded, their professional aspirations and the cultural environments in which they thrive.

We also know we’re better together than alone. We collaborate in specialized teams to ensure that we bring the right industry, functional and geographic perspectives to bear on your assignment, while recognizing that today, leaders must be able to navigate a more complex set of challenges that includes their impact on the world beyond their organization.

Our commitment to diversity: Partnership and proven methodologies

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion begins within our own firm and is central to our purpose to discover and develop leadership for a better future. We believe we are more effective advisers to clients when we nurture an inclusive culture where diversity thrives, and individuals are able to reach their full potential and achieve their personal and professional aspirations. We understand that for organizations to truly achieve the benefits of diversity, they must create a culture of inclusion that promotes equity and values diverse backgrounds and perspectives. To read more about how we are supporting greater diversity, equity and inclusion within Spencer Stuart, click here.

We partner with clients to support them in advancing their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. This includes presenting diverse slates for all leadership positions, at both executive and board levels across all regions. We have a strong track record of helping clients attract and recruit exceptional leaders with diverse backgrounds.

Spencer Stuart consultants are trained in competency-based interviewing techniques, employment law, diversity awareness and techniques to remove bias throughout the recruiting process, with a focus on data-driven evaluation criteria for all candidates to ensure a fair assessment of individuals’ qualifications. As a firm, we support DE&I in multiple ways, including our thought leadership, events and partnerships with leading organizations focused on the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our partnerships

We partner with organizations around the globe focused on improving DE&I, including:

CEO Action
Latino Corporate Directors Association



Our approach: Insight-driven, global and tailored

The best leadership decisions come from having the right insight — about the trends shaping industries and critical functions; about the ability of executives to be successful in specific roles; about cultural fit and team effectiveness; and about how stakeholder expectations of businesses are evolving. We continually build our knowledge of the drivers of leadership success and enhance our assessment practices to provide that insight.

We bring together the market and leadership knowledge of consultants across more than 70 offices in over 30 countries and rigorous assessment methodologies to help you select and develop outstanding leaders, improve the performance of teams, increase employee engagement, successfully meet stakeholder expectations of a company’s role in the world today and align organizational culture with strategy.

Because leadership doesn’t operate in a vacuum, we invest time in diagnosing the relevant strategic, organizational and business context as part of every assignment. We tailor our approach to the needs of your organization.