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No leadership position has a greater impact on an organization’s success than the chief executive officer. Regardless of whether a new CEO is appointed from inside the organization or from the outside, the profile of the new chief executive officer should be a function of the specific impact the board wants the next CEO to have on the business and on behalf of its stakeholders, and the skills it will take to accomplish that.

Today, having a positive impact on the social and environmental fabric that surround companies is crucial to an organization’s long-term commercial success, so the character and capabilities of its leader matter more than ever before.

We provide advice, counsel and coaching for long-term succession planning and executive development, medium-term orderly CEO succession, CEO search and onboarding support so new CEOs can accelerate their performance in the role. Whatever the scenario, the health of the organization and the way it is regarded by investors, employees, policymakers and civil society depends largely on the experience, track record and leadership qualities of the CEO.

We are committed to your success.

Since 2011, we have conducted nearly 4,500 CEO search and succession assignments globally. Drawing on groundbreaking research on the performance of internal and external CEO candidates, our consultants are well-prepared to help boards navigate important issues surrounding CEO selection.
Spencer Stuart has handled 20% of the CEO changes across the top 300 companies in Europe, and led more than one-third of CEO searches within the S&P 500 that went to external search — the highest share of any firm.
Our consultants are highly experienced advisers on the CEO selection process and are able to offer candid and accurate assessments of the talent pool. Their knowledge of, relationships with, and access to the world’s top executives is unrivaled.