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2020 UK Spencer Stuart Board Index

The 2020 UK Spencer Stuart Board Index covers the largest 150 companies with a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange, according to market value at the end of April 2020, excluding investment trusts.

The data in the tables below have been compiled from publicly available information. Board composition data was taken at 30 April 2020 and remuneration information is, for the most part, that published in the latest annual report prior to August 2020.

Use the buttons above the table to view different facets of the dataset. To quickly find data on a specific company, use the search box above the table.

1.  Supervisory board only, employee representatives excluded

2.  Executive Chair

3.  Did not serve full year

4.  Senior Independent Director and Vice-Chair

5.  Excludes fees for Antofagasta Minerals

6.  Additional per meeting where transatlantic travel is required

7.  If not UK-based

8.  Per meeting travel allowance if over 5hrs, maximum of 6 allowances per year

9.  Reputation Committee has since been disbanded

10.  Excludes benefits and includes LTIPS

11.  Travel allowance of 7k for 3-10 hrs; 15 k for 10+ hrs (USD)

12.  Per meeting attended if outside home country

13.  175K USD in grants from shares

14.  Up to 50% of the fee can ve used to purchase shares

15.  Additional fee of 30K EUR if US-based and 15K if Europe-based

16.  Also Deputy Chair

17.  Towards secretarial and administrative expenses

18.  Travel allowance of 2.5K GBP per leg, maximum of 30K GBP per year

19.  Additional 60K GBP if UK-based and 15K GBP if resident in Mexico

20.  To be disclosed in the 2020 Annual Report

21.  An unique fee covers all committee memberships

22.  Non-European allowance

23.  Includes 45K GBP for an assistant and family private medical insurance

24.  Non-executive directors are required to build up a shareholding equivalent to one times base fee.

25.  4K GBP per meeting to US-based directors travelling outside their home continent

26.  Additional fee of 6,320 GBP if already chair of a committee

27.  6,080 GBP per meeting outside country of residence; and 1,820 GBP per meeting inside country of residence

28.  If US-based

29.  If the Chairman or non-executive directors are required to spend time on exceptional company business significantly in excess of the normal time commitment, the Chairman will be paid £1,500 and the nonexecutive directors £1,000 for each day spent.

30.  125K GBP paid in shares

31.  105,000 GBP for Australian residents

32.  10k for long distance flights; 5k for medium distance flights

33.  5,000 EUR for intercontinental travel except for one meeting a year held in a location other then The Hague

34.  35K USD if UK-based

35.  Additional for overseas-based NEDs

36.  Per employee engagement event