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UK Board Index 2017

The 2017 UK Board Index is a comprehensive review of board governance practice in the largest 150 companies in the FTSE rankings, providing a valuable indication of the state of boardroom health during 2016–2017.

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A number of highlights emerge from our 2017 research on the top 150 companies:

  • The average age of non-executives has broken through the 60-year threshold for the first time
  • 34% of newly appointed directors are serving on a board for the first time
  • Female representation on boards of directors has risen from 10.6% to 25.5% in the decade since 2007
  • 34.7% of all non-executives are women, up from 16.7% a decade ago
  • 24.5% of directors are non-nationals
  • The average retainer for non-executives has grown 41% since 2007 to £67,655

In addition to the usual analysis of composition, remuneration and committees data, the 2017 edition of the UK Board Index continues to monitor board diversity in its widest sense, exploring gender, nationality, age and ethnicity in leading UK companies.

This edition also includes a review of five- and 10-year trends in board governance and a chart showing how UK companies compare with other European markets and the US on a range of key governance measures. We also provide detailed data on all 150 companies covered by this Board Index.

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