Diversity of thought contributes to a more complete understanding of opportunities and issues, fostering better decision-making and competitive advantage. For many companies, demographic shifts and expansion into new markets will result in a more geographically dispersed and multicultural workforce. Organizations able to tap into contributions from high-performing executives from a broad set of backgrounds and experiences will be in the best position to succeed in an increasingly complex marketplace.

We are committed to providing the most qualified and inclusive candidate slates available:
  • Spencer Stuart recognizes how the definition of diversity can vary by culture, geography, industry and company. Our consultants apply deep expertise on the issues and individual executives to find candidates who reflect a client’s unique priorities for industry expertise, functional knowledge, multicultural background and international experience.
  • Our consultants have strong relationships with senior executives across the spectrum of gender, nationality and cultural backgrounds who trust us to bring them career opportunities that represent a good fit with their capabilities and ambitions. We are also proud to report that, to date, we have placed more than 1,100 women on corporate boards around the world.
  • We can provide clients with an objective appraisal of their ability to attract diverse candidates and provide insights into how an organization can enhance its attractiveness to underrepresented groups.
  • Clients gain unparalleled access to relevant diverse candidate pools. We continually track the career progression, interests and expertise of high-potential prospects from relevant candidate pools, drawing on detailed research into leading companies and targeted professional associations.

We explore diversity issues through an ongoing global dialogue with clients and prestigious academic, philanthropic and community organizations committed to advancing scholarship and access among underrepresented groups. We are equally committed to upholding and fulfilling this guiding principle ourselves. With offices on six continents, Spencer Stuart understands firsthand the importance and value of operating as a truly diverse, inclusive and global organization.