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The bar for board performance continues to rise amid increased pressure from investors and stakeholders. Effective board assessments are critical in meeting the evolving standards of corporate governance. Our proven board assessment methodology addresses the specific governance model and circumstances of each board in order to identify and remove obstacles to better performance and enhance existing strengths.

We are a trusted boardroom adviser.

For more than 30 years, Spencer Stuart has served as a long-term strategic partner to boards around the world. Based on the insights we have gained from hundreds of assessments, we can help clients benchmark themselves against national and international best practices.
Our assessments examine a range of factors impacting board performance: composition, culture, processes, director development, organization, overall effectiveness, quality of debate and strategic input, relationship between the board and management, shareholder communication and accountability, and succession planning processes.
In Europe alone, we have conducted more than 150 board assessments over the past five years. We also have extensive and long-term experience working with Fortune 500 companies.