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VIDEO — Tomorrow's CMO: Chief Magic or Logic Officer?

Observations by panelists and reactions from participants at the 2014 CMO Summit
May 2014

With the sheer amount of data and unprecedented access to information afforded by digital, emphasis on analytical ability for marketing leaders has grown dramatically.

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Spencer Stuart invited three top marketing leaders to discuss the struggle to balance creative and analytical initiatives as part of the 2014 CMO Summit. The panel, which featured Lisa Bacus, executive vice president and global chief marketing officer of Cigna; Lauren P. Flaherty, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of CA Technologies; and Jeff Jones, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Target, discussed the duality of the CMO role and whether the marketing leaders of tomorrow will need to possess more logic or magic. The Spencer Stuart CMO Summit is an annual gathering of top marketers representing a broad cross-section of industry sectors to discuss the most timely business issues of the day.

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