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The Digital Journey Series

The rise of digital technologies and changing behaviors are fundamentally changing the business landscape. As digital continues to change how businesses operate and consumers live their lives, consumer companies will remain at the intersection — requiring industry leaders to rethink their talent strategies and overall organizational structures. In this series, we examine changes to the overall business environment, the forces driving digital priorities today, the best practices of companies that are doing digital right, and the ways priorities and needs differ across sectors.

The Digital Journey

We explore how consumer companies are evolving their leadership and organizational decisions in response to digital, with the help of more than 35 industry executives

Featured in this series

Consumer Products

Beyond Basic Needs - How sector leaders are thinking differently about talent and their organizations in light of digital


Digital and the New Rules - Retail leaders share what they've learned and how they foresee leadership profiles changing


Made to Order - How sector leaders are using digital to enhance customer experience and drive innovation and efficiency


A World of Choice - How leaders have adapted their approaches to maximize mobile, big data and other digital advancements

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