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Crafting the Future of Influence

Unleash ‘Her Power’ in leadership to get through crises and beyond
By Spencer Stuart and Bain & Company
March 2024

Unprecedented economic challenges, fluctuating consumer confidence, and global geopolitical tensions are reshaping the business landscape. In China's evolving macro environment, a convergence of structural changes has fuelled further uncertainty. Amidst these headwinds and turbulence, the role of leadership has come into sharper focus.

Executives can no longer rely solely on overall market performance to drive success. In this new era, what kind of leadership can guide companies through crises and beyond? What is the unique value of female leadership?

This report, co-authored by Spencer Stuart and Bain & Company, identifies the essential leadership traits required to address these challenges. By studying female executives, we have also found that their distinct qualifications, which we call "Her Power," complements these leadership traits and enables them to effectively navigate companies through challenging external environments.

What distinguishes female leadership?

  • Exceptional resilience
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Sensitivity and meticulousness

We explain how fully harnessing the potential of "Her Power" necessitates both a comprehensive understanding of the challenges women encounter in the workplace and a commitment to addressing them. The joint efforts of both women and companies are required to navigate career and workplace challenges.

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