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Chief Executive Women: ASX200 Senior Executive Census 2019

September 2019

Spencer Stuart partnered with Chief Executive Women (CEW) and Bain & Company on the 2019 Senior Executive Census. This annual study measures progress in gender balance at Australia’s largest companies.

Some highlights from this year’s report:

  • Women hold 6% of ASX200 CEO roles, down from 7% in 2018
  • Women hold 16% of ASX200 CFO roles, an increase from 12% in 2018
  • 17 companies in the ASX200 have no women in their executive leadership team (ELT), a decline from 23 in 2018
  • 114 companies in the ASX200 have no women in ELT line roles, down from 119 in 2018
  • 23% of line roles are held by women in companies with a female CEO, compared to 14% in companies with a male CEO

“The composition of roles in leadership teams is changing and has the potential to further support women’s career progression,” said Kerri Burgess, a CEW member, who specializes in CEO and board succession at Spencer Stuart. “This year we confirmed the increase of newer functional roles in ELTs such as risk and compliance, and customer experience.” This reflects the more diverse skill sets needed at the ELT level. As with other functional roles, women are more likely to be represented here, adding necessary expertise and enterprise-wide perspectives to the ELT team.”

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