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2021 S&P 500 Board Diversity Snapshot

July 2021

Our 2021 S&P 500 Board Diversity Snapshot looks at what progress S&P 500 boards have made in the past year increasing the diversity of their composition. Our study looks at the racial, ethnic, gender, age and geographic diversity of all S&P 500 directors and the newly appointed class of directors, as well as the diversity of board leaders. The snapshot also highlights proxy disclosures related to diversity, including LGBTQ+ directors, veterans and differently abled board members, and provides advice to boards for increasing their refreshment and building a robust — and diverse — board talent pipeline. Among the highlights:


  • Nearly half — 47% — of new directors are Black/African American, Asian, Hispanic/Latino/a, American Indian/Alaska native or multiracial and 43% are women. Together, directors from historically underrepresented groups account for 72% of all new directors.
  • One-third (33%) of all new independent directors are Black/African American, three times more than last year (11%) and the most since we began tracking this data in 2008.


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