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Our Top 10 Reads for 2020

Our most popular insights in 2020 covered topics such as virtual teaming and onboarding, digital transformation, CEO succession and a range of other pressing issues for leaders.

Dominated by COVID-19, its impact on the well-being of individuals and organizations, and the heightened attention to racial and ethnic inequities, 2020 has demonstrated that leadership matters even more in challenging times. Leaders stepped up to keep their organizations aligned, connected, engaged and performing through crisis and have helped guide planning for a future with continued uncertainty.

Spencer Stuart’s 2020 Top 10 Reads provide insights for being a more effective leader in this time — from virtual teaming and onboarding remotely to leading with humility — and other pressing issues, including digital transformation, CEO transitions, diversity and succession planning.

Ready for a post-COVID-19 digital transformation?

An interactive look at the impact of the COVID crisis on work and why you may need to adjust your digital roadmap.

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