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The Career Playbook

April 2015

Do you know someone about to graduate and begin a job search? Or a young professional trying to choose the right field or find that perfect position?

Career Playbook

Check out the new The Career Playbook Interactive, a hands-on professional training experience that includes interviews from human resource directors at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Johnson & Johnson, and career advisers from Dartmouth, University of Indiana’s Alumni Association, Wesleyan, Duke and Colgate.

Finding the right career and getting a great job have never been more daunting. In fact, it can be more difficult to land an entry-level job at a top company than to gain admission at America’s most selective colleges — Harvard’s acceptance rate is 5.9%; Johnson & Johnson’s job offer rate last year was .4%. On top of that, today’s graduates are looking for not only good jobs, but positions that will help them launch careers in which they can grow and prosper. But knowing what to look for and how to actually land a great job is exceptionally challenging when you’re simply trying to get an interview, make enough money and position yourself for advancement.

Based on an in-depth survey of thousands of graduates and young professionals, and hundreds of interviews with the world’s top business and nonprofit leaders, The Career Playbook offers recent graduates and aspiring young professionals actionable advice for career advancement.

Among the insights shared in this book:

  • Practical tips on generating valuable introductions
  • How to ace the interview — and the one question you must be prepared to answer
  • The importance of cultivating a mentor
  • The value of a Liberal Arts degree
  • When to change jobs, industries or careers

Packed with first-person advice from graduates and young professionals themselves, as well as the perspectives of seasoned CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders and experts, The Career Playbook by James Citrin, Spencer Stuart’s North American CEO Practice leader, is an invaluable resource for young people looking to jumpstart and thrive in their careers.

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