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2014 South Africa Spencer Stuart Board Index

January 2015

The South Africa Board Index 2014 analyses data concerning the composition and organization of boards for some of the country's largest companies, including members of the JSE Securities Exchange and five state-owned enterprises.

Among the subjects of importance to South African boards:

  • Independence. Boards are making great strides in the effort to to become independent of management. More than half of board members are identified as independent, while nearly 75% of all non-executive directors are independent.
  • Board composition. Significant efforts are being made to increase diversity among South African boards. A quarter of board seats at leading companies are held by women, while almost half of all directors are PDIs.
  • Best practices. The need for good governance has become more important in the wake of very public boardroom disputes. Almost half of South African boards conducted a board evaluation, while director compensation has risen to reflect the increased responsibilities being undertaken by board members.