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Rethinking Your Digital Roadmap

Leaders across industries discuss how COVID-19 accelerated their companies’ digital transformation and how it may shape the roadmap for the future.

The COVID-19 crisis has tested companies’ digital readiness and, in many cases, accelerated timelines and investments in digital transformation. To understand the potential longer-term implications of the crisis on companies’ digital roadmap, we are interviewing top business and digital leaders about their organization’s COVID response and its impact on their digital strategy and priorities, organizational structure, culture and leadership. While prompted by the crisis, the insights from these candid conversations will be relevant to digital leaders and their organizations throughout their digital journey:

  • David Walmsley, chief digital officer for Pandora
  • Bertrand Bodson, chief digital officer for Novartis
  • Michael Burgess, CEO of Jostens
  • Atif Rafiq, president for commercial & growth for MGM Resorts
  • Eash Sundaram, chief digital and technology officer for JetBlue

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