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How to keep driving digital value

April 2023


As organisations continue along their well- trodden path of adopting digital approaches and tools, their leaders find themselves at a perpetual crossroads of challenges, opportunities and ambitions. What are the factors which can successfully propel their onward journey?

Organisations large and small have long been locked in a pursuit for digital advantage. From using data to break down silos to delivering a more intuitive customer experience, there are many prime areas of focus.

But at the same time, when we speak about ‘digital’ there is significant diversity of need, ambition, and opportunity. Roles, responsibilities, and even expertise, merge and demerge in varying combinations, often leaving organisations — and their leaders — in a state of flux. And that’s not even mentioning the ecosystem and market in constant evolution around them.

Leaders naturally want to harness the potential of technology and data but how should they know what path to take, understand which talent to recruit and identify which objectives to prioritise? There is no one universal solution — it all depends on the nuances of each individual organisation, their culture, their ambition and the market they are operating in.

Find out why we believe that focusing on three core priorities of alignment, empowerment and culture will leave leaders best placed to deliver the huge value that digital technology can offer any organisation.

At Spencer Stuart, lots of organisations want to talk to us about the evolving leadership challenges of tech led transformation. As a result, we have developed different lenses through which to consider the optimal choices and help identify the key factors which can help fuel their onward digital journey.

In this paper we consider these issues and share the collective insights and experiences of more than 20 senior digital leaders from a variety of industries.