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CEO Reflections: Leading through Crisis

An interview series with several leading CEOs about how they led — and what they learned — during the pandemic.

For leaders across industries and markets, 2020 was a year that defied expectations: an unprecedented pandemic with seemingly no bounds; an immediate shift to remote work and its impact on the workforce; and an economic downturn that unfolded in ways few had predicted. We also saw leaders asked to do more around stakeholder capitalism and social impact than ever before.

It is also clear that some of the uncertainty will stay with us long after the pandemic wanes — some from similar sources, and likely others from newer areas such as environmental and social pressures.

To learn about how different leaders managed through the pandemic and the lessons they learned that will help them beyond the crisis, Spencer Stuart’s Jason Baumgarten sat down with CEOs across different sectors to hear their insights on leading in a crisis while navigating industries in flux. This series of interviews, featuring some of the world’s most prominent voices in business, offers inspirational advice on personal growth and lessons learned from leading through crisis.