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Becoming a non-executive director

4th European edition
March 2023


In this newly expanded fourth edition of Becoming a non-executive director, we throw some light on what board work entails and the steps involved in getting a suitable non-executive directorship for the first time.

Board composition is the subject of much debate throughout the world, while the role of the non-executive or independent director is becoming more onerous. Boards are seeking greater diversity among directors and are considering a broader pool of candidates.

Whether you are a senior executive wanting to broaden your career development or someone who is retiring and looking to develop a portfolio life, this booklet should serve as a practical and inspiring guide to serving on a board in Europe.

Topics include

  • Becoming a non-executive director
  • Different board structures
  • Why become a non-executive director?
  • The responsibilities of a board
  • Board composition
  • The non-executive environment today
  • What the boards of listed companies are looking for in non-executive directors
  • The role of the non-executive director
  • Director recruitment and the nomination committee
  • How to get a non-executive directorship
  • Consider any relevant experience you may have
  • Your CV
  • Spencer Stuart Board Intrinsics™
  • Working with search firms
  • The search process
  • Choosing the right company
  • Due diligence
  • Preparing for interviews
  • The interview process
  • Onboarding
  • Acting as a non-executive
  • Beware overboarding
  • Key questions to ask yourself
  • About Spencer Stuart’s Board Practice
  • Further reading
  • Board governance trends