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An insider's view on succession planning

The separate and joint responsibilities of the board and CEO

June 27, 2007

While the board is charged with the ultimate responsibility for succession planning, CEOs are indispensable to the process. Boards and CEOs should work together to clarify their respective roles and responsibilities in the succession planning process.
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A closer look at lead and presiding directors

Cornerstone of the Board

March 29, 2006

In the absence of clear regulatory parameters, we examine the emerging best practices for the lead or presiding director role.
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Lessons on Creating or Rebuilding a Board

Cornerstone of the Board

April 23, 2010

Best practices for building or rebuilding a corporate board
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Now you're in charge

The first 100 days

April 01, 2004

In today’s fast changing business world, a new CEO has just 100 days in which to make his or her mark.
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You're in Charge - Now What?

March 27, 2007

The first 100 days as a new leader — whether the CEO, top executive, middle manager or new hire — are critical. What do you need to do during that critical period? You’re in Charge — Now What? reveals an 8-point plan to help new business leaders establish a foundation that will lead to enduring success.
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Search for "Thomas J. Neff" returned 5 results