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2019 U.S. Technology Spencer Stuart Board Index

An in-depth look at board composition, governance practices, director compensation and other information from the top 200 U.S. tech companies.

Amid increasing regulatory, financial and competitive pressures, U.S. technology companies are seeking more diversity on their boards of directors. They are increasing the number of female and minority directors, and adding more people with different functional and industry backgrounds.

This is one of many trends that the eighth annual U.S. Technology Spencer Stuart Board Index examines for the 200 top technology companies in the United States.


2019 Snapshot

newdirectors 166

New independent directors

companiesadddirectors 53%

Companies adding new directors — up from 46% in 2018

womendirectors 43%

New tech board directors who are women — up from 37% in 2018

ceoexperience 25%

New directors with CEO experience — down from 36% in 2018

firsttimepublic 33%

New tech board directors who are first-time public company board members

lead-presidingdirector 45%

Tech boards that have a lead/presiding director

tenure 7.7years

Average tech board tenure — lower than S&P 500 level of 8.0

separatechairceo 75%

Tech boards that separate chair and CEO roles