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Russia Board Index 2017

The fourth edition of the Russia Board Index focuses on 43 of the top listed companies by market value in the Russian Trading System Index. Our analysis is based on data available for the most recent fiscal year.

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Our purpose is to provide business leaders with a snapshot of current practice on Russian boards of directors. In addition to data for each company, we include a detailed chart showing how Russian boards compare with the boards of leading companies in the US and other European markets on a key range of board governance measures.

Highlights of this edition include:

  • 36.7% of the directors included in the survey were deemed independent, compared with 34% in the previous year.
  • Russian boards of directors remain the youngest in Europe; the average age of board directors currently stands at 54.3 years.
  • Only 8.1% of directors in the companies we analyze are women, although women account for 11.9% of newly appointed directors. The number of women sitting on executive committees has fallen slightly to 11.6%.
  • The average retainer fee paid to independent, non-executive directors is 7,858,262₽ (€ 105,934).
  • The average number of board meetings is 23.4, slightly below last year’s average of 25. The average number of in-person meetings is 6.8.
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