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Alberta Board Index 2016

The 2016 Alberta Board Index provides a snapshot of board practices and governance trends across 100 of Alberta's largest publicly traded companies. The index focuses on board composition, process and compensation in the province.

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Highlights from the 2016 Alberta Board Index include:

  • Gender diversity: 47% of new director appointments were women versus 30% last year. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of Alberta boards now have at least one female director, up significantly from 41% five years ago.

  • Director and chair compensation: Challenging market conditions continue to confront Alberta boards, leading to a decline in compensation. Median chair compensation decreased nearly 20% since last year. Median director compensation is down 7% from last year.

  • Interlocks: Interlocking board memberships on Alberta boards decreased by 10% this year. Additionally, only 7% of newly appointed directors sit on other boards within the Alberta index, down significantly from 28% last year.

  • More first-time directors: 33% of new directors are first-timers on public company boards versus 24% last year.

  • Geographic diversity: 53% of new directors are from outside of Alberta this year and 27% are from outside of Canada.

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