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Katie Tucker Nobuyuki Tsuji Jonathan Harper Peter Simon Lisa Caswell Ralf Landmann Pablo Taussig

Our consultants are highly respected for their search experience and sector knowledge. Through their careers in business and as search professionals, they have built relationships with an extensive network of outstanding leaders, and collaborate with colleagues globally to share expertise across industries, functions and geographies.

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Search for "Human Resources" returned 57 results
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Name Location Related Industries & Functions
Sabine Aigner Sabine Aigner Vienna
Sigrid Artho Sigrid Artho Zurich
Jaideep Bajaj Jaideep Bajaj Singapore
José Luis Barroilhet Jose Luis Barroilhet Santiago
Ana Paula Bonilha Bonilha_AnaPaula Sao Paulo
Albert Climent Albert Climent San Francisco
Silicon Valley
Arnaud Despierre Arnaud Despierre Singapore
Nordia Edwards Nordia Edwards New York
Pierluigi Fattori Pierluigi Fattori Milan
Kimberly Fullerton Kimberly Fullerton San Francisco
Michele Haertel Michele Haertel Stamford
Sharon Hall Sharon Hall Atlanta
Heidi Hendrix Los Angeles
Jeffrey Hyler Jeff Hyler Houston
Patrick Hynes Patrick Hynes London
Isabel Jaquotot Coming soon Madrid
Phil Johnston Phil Johnston San Francisco
Claudia Kelly Claudia Lacy Kelly Stamford
Hypatia Kingsley Hypatia Kingsley Seattle
Koay Peng Yen Peng Yen Koay Singapore
Margarita Koshman Margarita Koshman Moscow
Herman Krommendam Herman Krommendam Amsterdam
Alexandra Kronborg Alexandra Kronborg Copenhagen
Catherine Kwong Catherine Kwong Hong Kong
Alain Leclerc Alian Leclerc Paris

Search for "Human Resources" returned 57 results
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