Dr. Shane Stowell, a consultant in Spencer Stuart’s Dallas office, is a clinical psychologist who advises leading companies on how to optimize individual, team and organizational effectiveness in order to achieve their business objectives. Shane has extensive experience coaching senior management on strategy and leadership, as well as recruiting, talent development, compensation and benefits, and succession planning. In addition, Shane regularly advises companies on culture and executive assessment and development.

Chief people officer and leadership expert

  • Before joining Spencer Stuart, Shane was the chief people officer at SWCA Environmental Consultants. In that role, Shane led the firm’s human resources function.
  • Prior to this, Shane spent nearly 10 years as a partner at a management consultancy focused on senior leadership development. Shane focused on consulting with C-suite leaders in the energy, oil and gas, healthcare, retail, private equity, professional services, financial services, precious metals, nonprofits, and arts and entertainment sectors.
  • Earlier, Shane founded and ran Tanning Studios until its successful acquisition in 2008.

Shane earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Loma Linda University and Medical Center, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Utah State University. He is a licensed clinical psychologist in Utah.

Practice Areas