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A message in these turbulent times

As I reflect on the events that are unfolding in the U.S., and as I shared with my colleagues earlier this week, it’s important that we at Spencer Stuart speak out and affirm our commitment to fighting racism. The tragic and senseless killing of George Floyd, among too many other recent acts of racist violence and wrongdoings, are merely the latest examples of the injustice faced by the Black community. So, while words alone cannot ease the anguish and frustration so many are feeling, this is not a moment for silence. It is a time to listen, actively educate ourselves, have difficult discussions, deepen our collective empathy and support for the Black community and commit to lasting, meaningful change. I pledge that we will do the work necessary to help build a better future alongside the business leaders and organizations with whom we work. In the many discussions we have with leaders, we are committed to do our part to help advance the conversation about racism, discrimination and social justice. Most importantly, in this time of hurt and fear, I want our Black colleagues and clients and the entire Black community to know we support you and are listening to you. And we stand together with all those opposed to racial injustice.

Ben Williams
Managing Partner and CEO, Spencer Stuart