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You Need a Leader - Now What?

How to Choose the Best Person for Your Organization
October 2011

Based on decades of experience and the latest research, You Need a Leader—Now What? cuts through conventional wisdom and “rules of thumb” to explain the skills needed to fill any leadership position, from the head of a small community group to the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation. Among the information shared in this new book:

  • The three essential truths for choosing the best person to lead your organization.
  • How one organization overcame multiple demands and constituencies to find the right leader.
  • Six pitfalls of leadership selection, and why they can cause trouble.
  • A case study of a CEO succeeding in one organization and falling short in another.
  • Search methods that might work for your organization, including the lateral move, the insider-outsider and the horse race.
  • Twelve guidelines for conducting a successful leader candidate interview.
  • The red herrings that distract an organization from getting important information about a candidate.
  • Strategies for picking the best people across a wide variety of situations.

This book from North American CEO & Board Practice co-leaders James M. Citrin and Julie Hembrock Daum is an in-depth look at the questions that organizations must ask themselves, the demands that new leaders must strive to satisfy and the ways the right leader and the right job can come together. You Need a Leader—Now What? is a valuable resource for groups of all sizes who are looking to find the last piece of the puzzle.

For more information about the book, we invite you to watch our video.