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The Leadership Odyssey

April 2023

Becoming a more empowering leader is a long and difficult journey, requiring humility, self-awareness, patience and resilience. Here are the three main stages of this journey and tips for succeeding in your own journey.



The amount of sustainability initiatives leaders launched over the past few years is tremendous. Now that the economy is far more volatile and uncertain, there’s a real question about whether those initiatives will remain on the agenda.

Board Governance

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Despite an abundance of campaigns, conferences and media blitzes the tech industry remains far from gender balanced. We explore what can be done to turn good intentions into greater impact.

Companies will improve the odds of having the right CEO for the future when they develop a pool of talent with diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives. This requires a dynamic process to discover and develop candidates with high potential and a willingness to look beyond experience.

We invited Nigel Fletcher a senior UK retail leader, to reflect on his career and life with 30 per cent vision.

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