Advances in biological and medical research continue to expand the frontiers of life sciences knowledge, blurring divisions that once separated pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, and healthcare systems and insurers. Consultants in Spencer Stuart’s global Life Sciences Practice understand the trends that are reshaping the industry and help clients recruit executives with the right qualifications, leadership traits and cultural fit.

  • We have helped build the leadership teams of some of the world’s preeminent life sciences companies. In the past three years, we have conducted more than 1,400 board director and senior-level executive assignments around the world across all healthcare disciplines. Sixty-four percent of our business comes from returning clients.
  • We have a deep knowledge of and insight into the life sciences talent pool with access to more than 340,000 life sciences executives through personal contacts and our global database and partner with colleagues across industries to recruit talented executives from other sectors into life sciences.
  • We take an integrated approach to each search, harnessing the expertise of consultants with medical and academic doctorate degrees and executive-level backgrounds in life sciences to identify and evaluate the most suitable candidate.
  • Our reach extends to all major geographies, including fast-growth markets such as China, India and Brazil.

Life sciences companies must innovate and reach new markets and ensure operational efficiency amid pricing pressure, decreasing reimbursement levels and soaring R&D costs. Experienced, creative leaders with broad operational skills and the ability to articulate a strong vision are more in demand than ever. Our consultants understand how convergence is shaping the opportunities and challenges facing today’s life sciences companies — and the executive talent they will need to compete in this new environment.

With special expertise in all facets of life sciences: