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Innovative Leaders

Information Officer

Cloud computing, SaaS application availability and the ability to analyze “big data” have allowed leading companies to do more at a faster pace, often in a mobile environment. In turn, the role of the chief information officer has taken on increasing strategic importance as organizations try to seize these opportunities. Our dedicated team has experience finding CIOs and direct reports who bring an understanding of the business, a global mindset and ability to spur innovation.
  • Conducting more than 200 global assignments for senior information technology leaders each year, we are the market leader in CIO searches, conducting more assignments for FTSE and Fortune 1000 and private equity-backed companies than any other search firm. Our clients also include mid-cap and emerging growth companies across a broad range of industries and sectors.
  • We maintain relationships with and are considered trusted advisers to a broad pool of senior IT and business leaders.
  • We share our clients’ commitment to diversity and have unique access to a range of candidates from various backgrounds and industries that have a history of innovation.

Today’s chief information officer must anticipate issues such as cybersecurity, consumer technology integration and the increasing flood of accessible data all while using technology to influence and execute the company’s business strategy. Multichannel experience and the ability to lead a network, rather than a hierarchical organization, are also emerging as must-haves for the CIO. In addition, as customers increasingly interact with companies via technology, these leaders must provide solutions with the end user in mind. We strive to find leaders with the right combination of innovation, technical experience, financial acumen and cultural style that is compatible with our clients’ organizations and their levels of technology readiness.

Our consultants also handle assignments for leaders throughout the technology realm, including:
  • Application Development
  • Architecture
  • Data/Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Software Engineering